Acrobatic gymnastics combines dance, gymnastics skills, and synchronization. Engaging choreography and brilliant attire are also a part of the sport. The competitors tell a story with their performances, all while capturing the audience’s attention with thrilling tempo and graceful balance skills. The magnificent performances could hardly be accomplished without cooperative effort and mentoring among partners.


There are five events incorporated within the acrobatic gymnastics discipline. The events are women’s pair, men’s pair, mixed pair, women’s group (3), and men’s group (4). Each pair/group performs routines featuring gymnastics tumbling skills, partner balances, and tempo skills.


Balance skills highlight the athletes’ strength and flexibility through pyramids and static positions of the top and middle. Dynamic skills involve somersaulting and twisting with landings on the floor or catches by a bottom partner. Routines are performed on the same 40’ x 40’ spring floor that the artistic gymnasts use to perform floor routines.


Athletes of varying heights, weights, and body types are needed for acrobatic gymnastics. Smaller, more flexible athletes are needed as tops, while taller and stronger athletes are ideal for base positions.


We are proud of the fact that ALL of our pair groups have qualified to Nationals for the past THREE years!


How to Start an Acro Team presenatation made at Region 5 Congress September 2014